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MacDonnell County

Governor Sir Richard Graves MacDonnell from Dublin named all of these places. He arrived in the Province in 1855 and in his seven years as governor he was involved the literary arts, education, the volunteer defence movement, and exploration of the…

McConville Track

Henry McConville from Belfast arrived in 1855 on the Bucephalus. He was an early pioneer in the Flinders Ranges, buying property and stations and prospecting for gold.

Quin Rock

This rock off Kangaroo Island is named for Hugh Quin who arrived in 1836 on the Cygnet, the fifth vessel to arrive in Holdfast bay. He became ship’s pilot and later harbour master at Port Adelaide.


A lagoon and homestead ruin. There is a Monalena in Limerick, Ireland. It is two Irish words: móin the word for bogland and an lín which may be referring to ‘flax’.

It was named by J G Moseley in the 1870s.


McBride Dam

James Martin McBride from Newry Co. Down arrived in 1874 as a seaman and went on to become a pastoralist in the mid-north.

Mount Jeffcott

Judge John Jeffcott served South Australia for less than a year but was not forgotten after his untimely death in 1837. He was mentioned at a gathering of old colonists in 1851 by the crown solicitor, Mr Mann. Jeffcott and Governor Hindmarsh named…

Balla McKenny

County Clare-born Michael Kenny arrived in 1842 from Van Diemen’s Land where he reportedly walked from Hobart to Launceston with a double-barrelled gun over his shoulder. He married the Morphett Vale-based widow and mother of four Brigid Purtle from…


Ross Thompson Reid from Newry, Ireland arrived in 1839 on the Orleana aged six with his parents, brothers and sisters. His father and a Mr Murray walked into Adelaide and bought a ‘sort of inside Irish car’ which was the only transport…


This was supposedly named by Thomas Higgins for an Irish town of the same name. His family home was in County Meath. There is a Middleton in Westmeath.

Magarey Park

Thomas Magarey from County Down who arrived with his brother in 1845 owned land here in 1861. The Magarey brothers took over the Hindmarsh flour mill in 1849. Thomas became a pastoralist and entered politics. His great nephew, William Ashley Magarey,…