Edward Burton Gleeson


Edward Burton Gleeson

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Edward Burton Gleeson who also arrived in 1838, on the Emerald Isle from Calcutta where he had been working in the Indian Civil Service. E B Gleeson became known as the Father of Clare, South Australia.

From a district of less than 100 people in 1842, the South Australian town grew out of Gleeson’s Village, and was known as ‘Clare’ from 1846. Gleeson built a substantial home, Inchiquin, that was host to Adelaide dignitaries, and he became Clare’s first Mayor.

In 1849 Inchiquin operated as a post office. Gleeson also served the community as a Justice of the Peace. He gave an acre of ground the same year for a non-denominational school to be run according to the Irish National School System. Gleeson became chief magistrate of Clare, using the threat of his bulk to deal with disturbers of the peace on the spot. But he also dealt with more serious matters. In 1850 he presided over the inquest into a murder that led to the perpetrator being publicly hanged.

E B Gleeson encouraged newly-arrived immigrants ‘to go boldly into the country at once’ and many other Irish were to settle successfully in Clare and nearby districts in the nineteenth century.

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