Gleeville-under the Hills


Gleeville-under the Hills


Edward Burton Gleeson from Ennis, County Clare, arrived in the province in 1838 on the Emerald Isle from Calcutta with his brother, John Hampton, and their families. Gleeson had been working for the India Civil Service, and brought with him a number of Indian servants. On board the Emerald Isle also was Gleeson’s stallion, Abdallah, which he offered for stud services at ‘Gleeville’ on the road to Stringy Bark. . By 1841 he was farming at Gleeville-under-the-Hills, now part of Beaumont. The house was the first erected south-east of Adelaide and ‘Gleeville’ was well known as a place of great hospitality: Gleeson once entertained Governor Gawler and a party there for the first Harvest Home celebration. The house succumbed to white ants, but the barn still stands on Dashwood Drive. Following bankruptcy, Gleeson moved to the north and settled on the land he had named Clare.


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