Daniel Cudmore from Limerick named this property in Glen Osmond in 1862. It was never an official name. The Cudmores came from Tory Hill in County Limerick. They headed first for Van Diemen’s Land, but in 1837 Daniel Cudmore decided to try out the new province of South Australia. He built a reed hut for his family on North Terrace having wheeled his belongings from the Port in a wheelbarrow he hired. He brought his family across in a schooner nine months later; his eldest son James Francis was born on board. Daniel Cudmore’s first business venture was a brewery and malting house in North Adelaide. A family legacy in 1847 enabled him to take up a pastoral lease, and then to acquire a number of stations further north. The Port Augusta hospital was built on Daniel Cudmore’s seaside cottage site. He died at Claremont (now part of the Waite Institute) in 1891.


Dymphna Lonergan


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