Baker’s Flat


Baker’s Flat


This flat piece of ground next to the Kapunda mine was purchased by James Poole, William Howard, John Baker, and Mary Baker, John Baker’s mother.

When he died, James Poole’s share went to relatives in Galway and Dublin, so it is likely that James Poole was an Irishman.

Whether that was the reason, or because the land was overpriced and so could not be easily sold, or the purchasers were only concerned about the land as a possible source of mineral wealth for over thirty years hundreds of Irish squatted on Baker’s Flat and defied many attempts to evict them. A Mrs Callaghan was the last person to leave.

Peter Swann the Catholic archivist at Kapunda remembers going to Mrs Callaghan’s thatched roofed cottage on Baker’s Flat as a child for eggs. The mine manager was Dublin-born William Oldham who led the Mines Rifles Volunteers. Their marching practice was held on Baker’s Flat. Today there is little to see of this once vibrant settlement, but a replica thatched cottage may be seen in the Bagot Mine museum in Kapunda.


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